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Everything starts and ends with you in mind. Forget all about any inconvenience or troubles you had in the past with other manufacturers or retailers.

Providing the absolute best possible customer support is the core essence of our service.

Your satisfaction is not merely a sole business element, rather a holistic attitude with which we operate.

For years you have been showing us your support and we prove to you at every step of the way that we are worthy of it. We are here to uphold this tradition and earn your trust again and again.

Feel free to contact us about anything you may need, from a simple inquiry to a special equipment request and we will make it happen.

Color Variety

Finding the perfect color that matches your taste and the rest of the indoors decoration is always a challenge. Being able to mix and match and seemingly blend a new piece of furniture into its surroundings is a combination of art and science

We are here to offer you the solution:

After careful and long research, we have developed a wide color selection for you to find the color you need – color options

Custom dimensions

We know first hand that the needs and the requirements of each and every individual are different. By keeping our promise for featuring the best customer support, we offer all our products with custom dimensions.

All you have to do is measure your space and let us know the exact measurements for your new piece of furniture.

We’ll make sure to follow your exact specifications and deliver the best result for your needs. Avoid all the hassle and inconvenience with ready-made products and opt for our custom solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Free Shipping

Shipping costs have always been a headache for you and that’s why we decided to remove them!

The shipping and installation within the wider area of Athens, Greece is made from us at no additional cost.

Our Products

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Altanis Bros utilizes cutting edge technology and  an unparalleled expertise to target international markets,  that is why we never cease to improve all our aspects, from the manufacturing process to the products’ design and everything in between.

ISO9001_Logo[1]Quality Guarrantee.
All our company departments are staffed by fully qualified and highly experienced partners, characterized by love and care for our products. They are the moving force behind every quality product we make and they make Altanis Bros the leading manufacturer of metallic storage equipment in Greece.
Altanis Bros has a certified Quality System according to the international standard EN ISO 9001: 2008 to ensure top notch quality products for a period of up to 10 years.

Made in Greece…
Altanis Bros has over 30 years of experience in the field of metal furniture construction making us the #1 manufacturer in Greece.
Altanis Bros is a 100% Greek company which was founded in 1986 and has managed to establish authority in the field. Our promise is that we will never stop improving ourselves and our products to meet and surpass all your requirements and needs.